Thursday, January 31, 2008

State of the Blog

On the first Anniversary of the Mad Fermentationist I'd like to thank everyone who has read the Blog, posted comments, and emailed me, and especially to the people who I have met because of the blog.

I thought some of you might be interested in some stats from my first year of Blogging. I didn't start using Google Analytics until the start of March, so these stats are for the last 11 months.

Total Visits: 11,712 (32/day)
Pretty good, for my first year. However, this number has been more rapidly growing, this January I already have more than 2,000 visits.

Page Views: 22,435
Unique Visitors: 6,110

Direct Traffic: 2,908
Search Engines: 3,373
Referring sites: 5,431

Top Reffering Sites:
1st Northern Brewer
2nd Beer Advocate
3rd Basic Brewing Radio

From: 68 Countries
1st USA
2nd Canada
3rd Australia
4th UK
5th New Zealand
6th Sweden
7th Denmark
8th Norway
9th Ireland
10th Netherlands
11th Finland

Interestingly all are either English speaking, or Scandinavian.

About half of the visitors were from America
1st California
2nd DC (A good chunk of those hits are from me)
3rd Pennsylvania
4th Virginia
5th Minnesota
6th New York
7th Illinois
8th Michigan
9th Oregon
10th Massachusetts

Not surprising that a lot of those states have strong and active craft brewing and homebrewing bases. In case you were wondering I got the fewest hits from Hawaii.

Surprisingly I get more hits from Firefox (49%) than Internet Explorer (40%)

Operating System:
79% Windows
17% Mac
5% Linux

(Even had a few odd iPhone, Wii, and PS3 users stop by)

Things on tap for this year:
Cured Meat
Berliner Weiss (In Secondary)
Lambic (Brewed 18 months ago, blending/bottling in August)
Flanders Pale Ale (Brewed 6 months ago, bottling in August)
Plenty of other interesting fermentation experiments.


Josh said...

Curious. How many of us were on Linux?

I, I feel so alone...

Anonymous said...

I have an iPhone, and I resent being referred to as "odd". :-)

Congrats on the anniversary!

BBR James

The Mad Fermentationist (Mike) said...

Hey I have an iPod Touch, I’m just saying that I don’t read Blogs on it. Although that being said, at least one of the Wii visits happened at my request at a friend’s place (yes I am that lame).

JonBinMN said...

What no vinegar
I ferment vinegar.
my friends at this link helped me out. they are a great resource.

Owd Müller said...

Congratulations, looks like you had a good first year. And thanks for mentioning Google Analytics, I just signed up.