Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mo' Betta Bretta Clone #2 - Tasting

I could have sworn I had done a tasting of my second attempt at Mo Betta Bretta, but it appears I haven't. It was on the Offbeat Yeast Basic Brewing Radio Podcast (a new episode is in the works).

This beer has been bottled for 7 months, but it seems to still be developing nicely.

– Voluminous meringue-like head. The beer has visible carbonation coursing through its burnt orange hazy body. Great lacing and retention, the Carafoam really did its job on this one.

– Strong apple, not green apple like actylaldehyde, more like apple cider. A bit of straight up funk as it warms. It also has a bit of tropical aroma, I have heard the original Mo Betta Bretta described as having a pineapple aroma, but I would say this is more generically fruity.

– Light tartness (thanks to the acid malt), with a bready malt backbone. There is some cherry funk as well, but it is very smooth. No bitterness, and rather dry, so it has good balance. Not particularly complex, and with a hint of clean ethanol in the finish. An example of how clean a 100% Brett beer can be when the fermentation temperature is kept down

– Prickly carbonation, with a medium-thin body. I like the stronger carbonation on this one, more than the first version.

Drinkability & Notes
– Solid drinkability, much less objectionable funk than my first attempt when it was this young. I think the carbonation has increased a bit, but it still very appropriate for a Belgian-y beer.

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