Monday, January 21, 2008

Goat Yogurt - I Like It

My second attempt at making yogurt turned out pretty well. When I saw powdered goat milk at Whole Foods I was inspired to make some yogurt from just goat milk products.

As with my first attempt at yogurt making I took 2 qrt of milk (in this case whole goat milk) and heated it up to 120 degrees, but this time I also added 1 cup of dried milk. My honey didn't look too good, so in its place I opted to add 2 tbls of agave nectar (left over from my second sugar experiment). After the powdered milk dissolved I poured the mixture into my plastic container and put the heating pad on high for the night. By the next morning I had a nice big batch of goat milk yogurt.

The results were very smooth and creamy compared to my first attempt (probably as a result of more fat both in the milk and from the dried milk). I thought the flavor was good with a nice flavor/aroma reminiscent of a nice American Chèvre (not too much barnyard). The texture was still a bit loose, but this time instead of a lack of protein, I'd blame it on an excess of fat (fat molecules can get in the way of proteins trying to bond to one another). I thought this yogurt worked particularly well in savory applications like sauces for fish and roasted meat.

Next up I'll go for a more traditional recipe, in my attempt to get closer to the firmer texture of commercial yogurt.

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