Recipes for Beer

Guide to Adjusting Recipes for Efficiency, Volume, and Extract

Favorite Recipes by BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines

★ = Favorites


American Bitter - Second runnings for Pliny the Younger blasted with Citra and Chinook hops
Citra (Papaya) Summer Pale - Light "summer" pale ale with Citra hops
Double Hop Bomb - Badass IPA recipe with 1 pound of hops in 5 gallons (one of my favorites)
Fresh Hop Pale Ale - A strong Kolsch with loads of wet hops added at the end of the boil
Galaxy DIPA - A hop attack featuring the tropical Galaxy hop variety
Galaxy-Rakau DIPA - Strong IPA featuring a combination of two hops known for bright/tropical flavors
Grapefruit Pale Ale - Bright citrus flavors, both from American hops and grapefruit zest
Homegrown American Pale Ale - APA hopped with homegrown Cascades
Hop Experiment - My first controlled brewing experiment, 5 single hop beers
Nelson Jr. Micro-IPA - 2.1% ABV "IPA" hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo 
North Carolina IPA - Brewed with malts and hops sourced from North Carolina, East Coast style
Pliny the Younger Clone - Based on Russian River's ultra hoppy double IPA, a bit short on gravity
Pliny the Younger Clone Again - Gravity just about right, hop extract, loads of finishing hops
"Real" IPA - Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centennial (which lent a dull hop aroma to this batch)
Rings of Light - Our first pale ale at Sapwood Cellars, dry hopped with Citra
Session Vienna IPA - All the hop flavor on a IPA in a 3.5% ABV package
Very Hoppy UnBirthday - APA with the hop character of an IPA. Lots of Amarillo/Simcoe/Columbus
West Coast IPA - Standard (light malt, blasting hops) IPA, inspired by the great hoppy beers of CA 
What Hop Shortage? IPA - IPA with no hops in the boil, just before and after

Cheater Hops vs. Cheapter Hops - using less expensive hops to brew a great NEIPA through science
Cheater Hops - DIPA split batch with Citra/Galaxy and Mosaic/Belma
Conan the IPA - Conan fermented fruity IPA with Apollo, Pacific Jade, and Nelson Sauvin
Denali Haze - Big pineapple aroma from Denali, citrus from Hazy Daze
Good Chit - With undermodified chit malt replacing the oats, exceptional head... and clarity?
NE Australian IPA - NEIPA with Galaxy, Vic Secret, and spunded dry hop, extra juicy
NEIPA: Lupulin Edition - Cloudy-juicy IPA finished with Citra and Mosaic lupulin in the keg
Ruby Red Grapefruit NEIPA - Hopped with dank varieties, plus hibiscus and grapefruit zest
Sapwood Session - Low bitterness with an extra fruity oomph from a blend of dried yeast
Session Session-IPA - 2.3% ABV, 50% Carafoam, and loaded with El Dorado and Simcoe
Simcoe & Sons - Peachy APA fermented with Conan and hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra
Soft and Juicy IPA - Northeast style, soft, juicy, and loaded with Simcoe and Galaxy
Softer and Juicier APA - Ugly, but delicious with oats and wheat, plus Nelson/Amarillo/Columbus

Other IPAs
Blazing World #1 - Amber colored IPA, hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Ahtanum, and Simcoe
Blazing World #2 - Darker, danker, and fuller than the original, with Columbus in place of the Ahtanum
Blazing World #3 - Palisade in place of Columbus, pale instead of Vienna, San Diego based water
Blazing World #4 - Mosaic finally fills the gap between Nelson and Simcoe that others could not
India Brown Ale - A big/hoppy American brown based on Mike McDole's Janet's Brown
India Red Ale - A slightly strong red ale with lots of Amarillo and Centennial for a fruity hop character
Red Rye IPA #1 - IPA with 3 types of rye, hopped with spicy Sterling, and grapefruity Cascade
Red Rye IPA #2 - Similar malt bill, but now all Simcoe for a more aggressive hop character

Other Hoppy
Fortunate Islands #1 - Refreshing summer wheat beer flavored with big citrusy American hops
Fortunate Islands #2 - Rebrew with citrusy Citra and Amarillo, but no Calypso this time
Fortunate Islands #3 - A fuller and hoppier rebrew; bright and refreshing without being thin
Fortunate Islands #4 - A post-commercial variant fermented with Conan, similar otherwise
Hoppy American Tripel - Hopped up tripel based on beers from Russian River and Captain Lawrence

Alderwood Smoked Porter - Inspired by Alaskan Smoked Porter
Bean-Nut Milk Stout - Oatmeal-milk stout aged on toasted coconut and vanilla beans
Black House #1 - Coffee stout, with oats added directly to the boil for body
Black House #2 - Coffee stout, with lots of toasted oats (added to the mash this time)
Black House #3 - Slightly stronger, thicker, and roastier. A more intense version
Black House #4 - Biscuit malt replaces some of the flavors lost after the switch to American 2-row
Breakfast Stout Riff - Imperial oatmeal stout, split and flavored with a variety of adjuncts
Chocolate Pumpkin Porter - Inspired by Midnight Sun's TREAT (Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter)
Chocolate Butternut Porter - Like a spiced chocolate muffin, bready, cocoa, and fall spices
DC Homebrewers Anniversary Beer 2010 - Apple wood smoked stout with local honey
Kate the Great Clone - Based on Portsmouth Brewing's renowned chocolate, figgy, Russian Imperial Stout
Meadowfoam Honey Stout - Stout brewed with meadowfoam honey (tastes like toasted marshmallow)
Rumble Spiced Imperial Porter - Strong dark beer with vanilla and cinnamon, aged in a 5 gallon barrel
Simcoe Stout - Roasty oatmeal stout dry hopped with piney Simcoe hops
Whisky Barrel Rye Stout - Big, but not too big. Roasty, bitter, thick, barrel-aged in a malt whisky barrel 

Adambier - Clone of Hair of the Dog's Adam (peat smoked malty strong ale)
Big Brew Day Barleywine - Group parti-gyle American barleywine
Dave Clone - My 17% ABV eis'd variant of Adam
Golden American Wheat - A slightly darker take of the style with Willamette hops
Liquor Spiked Barleywine - A huge barleywine inspired by Lost Abbey Angel's Share
Local Peach Wheat - Amber ale with local unmalted wheat, and peaches, then dry hopped with wet hops
Maple-Bourbon Adam - Inspired by Quebec: maple syrup, cherry wood smoked malt, dosed with bourbon
Matt - Inspired by HoTD's Adam amped up with dark candi syrup, two smoked malts, and Calvados
Poor Richard's Ale - Historic molasses and corn infused beer, for Ben Franklin's 300th birthday
Swankey - Anise laced dark mild, a historic Pennsylvania specialty


Acorn Oud Bruin - Pre-fermentation of the acorns brought layers of flavor to this malty sour
DCambic - Turbid mash, aged hops, spontaneous fermentation (an American Lambic)
Calvados Sour Tripel - A tripel with a variety of bugs and calvados (apple brandy) soaked oak
Cherry Wine - Sour red with both dried and frozen cherries for jammy and bright flavors
Flanders Pale Ale - Flanders Red without the red, half aged on pluots (plum-apricot hybrid)
Flanders Red Again - My second attempt at the style, starter for the wine barrel Flanders red
Funky Dark Saison - With rosemary, orange peel, and caramelized raisins
Funky Dark Saison #2 - With black cardamom, and caramelized dates
Funky Dark Saison #3 - With figs, anise, cinnamon, and buckwheat honey
Funky Dark Saison #4 - Darker and not sour, aged on Zante currants, and wine soaked oak
Funky Dark Saison #5 - Sour and red this year, split onto a variety of fruits/vegetables
Funky Dark Saison #6 - Aged with cranberries and orange peel, no roast
Funky Dark Saison #7 - Mostly English grist plus citrus peel in the fermentor
Funky Dark Saison #8 - Bohemian malts, house culture, with pomegranate and date
Honey Bunches of Saison - Tart saison with oats and characterful rosemary honey
Lambic The First - My first (terrible) attempt at a Lambic
Lambic Mrk 2 - Me second, too strong, attempt at a Lambic
Lambic 3.0 - My first attempt with the traditional Lambic turbid mash (delicious)
Lambic Six - Single infusion mash and fermented entirely with 3 Fonteinen dregs (my best so far)
Lambic #7 - Wort made from extract and maltodextrin, certainly easier than a turbid mash
Matt and Mike - Pale sour split between BlackMan Yeast and a culture from Hill Farmstead Anna
McKenzie's Irma - A collaborative amber saison brewed at McKenzie's Brew House
Oerbier Inspired - A lower-gravity version of De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva - dark/funky/oak
RodenTons - My first attempt at a Flanders Red using Jamil's recipe, half aged on blackberries
Tart Saison - Fermented with ECY Bugfarm 15, then split onto fruit
Wine Yeast Flemish Red - A red wine yeast fermented Flemish Red for added berry/jam complexity

Beets by Drie - Light all Pils Brett saison with color and earthy flavors thanks to beets
Brett Blend Rye Saison - Based on McKenzie's Saison Vautour, with Al's Eat Coast Yeast Bretts
Brett Blend Rye Saison - Furlough Edition - Split three ways to trial three Brett combination
Brett Finished Single - Split five ways to determine the best Brett strain to condition this crisp session ale
Brett Session Belgian Pale - Low gravity Belgian Pale with Brett bruxellensis
Europa Lander - Amber wheat saison, fermented with Bootleg Biology Mad Fermentationist Saison Blend
Juniper Saison - Rye saison dry hopped with El Dorado and infused with fresh juniper
Petite Funky Saison - Second runnings from Sour Calvados Tripel with Dupont and Brett claussenii
Saison Lightning - Brett saison keg-conditioned then dry hopped with Azacca for citrus-herbal funk
Saphir Saison - A saison in Pilsner clothing, light, dry, balanced between hops and yeast

American Malt Dubbel - Massachusetts' Valley Malt combined with two dark candi syrups
Audrey's Amber - A strong Belgian amber brewed with my girlfriend Audrey
Belgian Sugar Experiment #1 - Split batch exploration of sugars in Belgian beers
Belgian Sugar Experiment #2 - Five more sugars face the experiment
Belgian Sugar Experiment #3 - White sugar showdown, four sugars that don't add much
Easter Pomegranate Quad - A strong dark Belgian ale spiced with cardamom and pomegranate molasses 
Hoppy French Saison - Saison with lots of Saaz and Wyeast's French Saison yeast
Lazy Monk's Single - Extract Belgian single based on Homebrew42's simple recipe
Lemon-Pepper Single - The first brew designed with my girlfriend Audrey
Lomaland #1 - Session-strength saison brewed with unmalted spelt and corn 
Lomaland #2 - Swapped wheat for spelt, doubled the corn, and fermented with 3711
Pannepot Clone - Clone of the dark, spiced beer from De Struise (half on sour cherries/oak/bugs)
Pom Dom - Belgian dubbel with cardamom and pomegranate molasses
Rumble Barrel Quad - A strong dark Belgian ale aged in a five gallon spirit barrel
Summer in Brussels - An all-grain version of Lazy Monk's, some bottled with Brett B
Two Way Wit - A Belgian Wit, half dry hopped with Galaxy the rest infused with hibiscus
Westvleteren Blond - Inspired by the least-hyped beer from the most-hyped brewery

British Isles
Big Brown Barrel-off - Strong English brown aged on oak, in a barrel, and infused with liquor
Courage Russian Imperial Stout Clone - Brett anomalus spiked, historic, imperial stout
Courage Russian Imperial Stout Clone #2 - Brett claussenii spiked, follow-up with tweaks
DCHB English Barleywine - Simple grist with a long concentrated boil for color and character
Early Grey Mild - a classic sub 4% ABV dark mild with a hint of citrus and herbal complexity
Foreign Export Stout - Big stout with no crystal malt, based on Pelican's Tsunami Stout
Funky Old Ale - Brett claussenii spiked Old Ale with wine soaked oak
Golding Medal Bitter - A quick/delicious session ale with US Goldings and London ESB yeast
Guinness Draught 1883 - The recipe for 1883 Extra Stout diluted to modern strength.
Guinness Extra 1883 - Three malts, loads of early hops. Not your father's Guinness, his grandfather's
Landlord Clone - 4.3% ABV "strong" pale ale based on the famous beer from Timothy Taylor
London Porter ca. 1800 - Historic porter brewed with amber and brown malt
Oatmeal Brown Porter -An Imperial porter and a session porter from a single mash
Old Brown Sock - Extract English brown ale with American ale yeast (my first batch)
Pale Brown Porter - Too dark to be an English brown, too light to be a porter
Styrian Bitter - A special bitter hopped 100% with Styrian Goldings


American Ingredient Pils - Brewed with American malts and hops, but the result is classic German
Cherry Doppelbock - Big doppelbock with several types of cherries
Dunkel Rauchbier - A smoked dark session lager with dry lager yeast
Festbier - A paler version of Oktoberfest with LODO techniques
Hell of a Good Helles - Attempt at the classic style based on Jamil's recipe
Saphir Pilsner - A crisp, wonderfully hoppy pale lager based on Firestone Walker Pivo
Wheat Triplebock - Massive lager based on The Livery's Wheat Tripplebock
Whisky Barrel Wheat Trippelbock - An ultra-malty lager aged in a five gallon malt whisky barrel

By the Book Hefeweizen - A simple German wheat recipe with a complex mash
Extract Hefe - Light hefeweizen brewed with extract
No-boil Berliner Weisse - My first attempt at the light/tart style using Wyeast's blend
No-boil Berliner Weisse 2 - With a Lacto/yeast cake from my friend Dan, half with Cabernet juice
No-boil Berliner Weisse 3 - Decoction hopped, half left at a higher OG, the rest cut to 1.033
No-boil Berliner Weisse 4 - Single infusion, half straight, and half 100% Lacto and citrus zest infused
No-boil Berliner Weisse 5 (Lemliner Weisse) - Now with Lactobacillus brevis and lemon zest
No-boil Berliner Weisse 6 - With oats, fermented with Lacto and Brett only, then onto rhubarb
Session Weizen - Fantastic decocted light hefeweizen
Sumac Berliner - A split batch between foraged Staghorn, and store-bought Turkish ground
Weizenbock - A standard attempt at the strong/dark wheat beer style

Fall Kolsch - Like the German Bitter, but slightly stronger and with Hallertau hops
German Bitter - Kolsch with an extra kick of Saaz hops
Double Secret Probation - Huge alt (doppelsticke) brewed with some rauchmalt
Golden Gose - An extra malty, sour, citrusy gose
Smoked Roggenbier - Brewed with home cherry wood smoked malt and nearly 50% rye
What Gose Round - My first attempt at Gose, with Indian coriander and sea salt

Other Sour/Funky Beers

Group Barrels
Beatification Batch 001 Clone - Wine barrel aged sour Belgian pale based on Russian River's beer
Bourbon Barrel Oud Buin - A malty brown ale aged in a third use barrel with a variety of bugs
Bourbon Barrel Wee Heavy - Unintentionally sour, but still tasty (like an imperial Oud Bruin)
Bourbon Brett Barley Wine - Caramelly oatmeal strong ale with vanilla bourbon notes and cherry Brett funk
Golden Braggot - Red wine barrel aged ale with clover and wildflower honey
Sour Bourbon Barrel Porter - A strong porter aged in a second use bourbon barrel
Wine Barrel Flanders Red - My first truly barrel aged beer, half aged on sour cherries

100% Brett
100% Brett Species Trials - A pale wort fermented with B. nanus, B. naardensis, and B. custersianus
Atomic Apricot - Quickly soured beer loaded with apricot puree and then dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo
Brett Pale Ale - 100% Brett anomalus American Pale Ale
Inspired by Sebastian - 100% Brett claussenii table saison
Inspired by Sebastian - 100% Brett anomalus table saison
Mo' Betta Bretta Clone - 100% Brett clausenii beer based on the Pizza Port beer
Mo' Betta Bretta Clone #2 - 100% Brett anomalus beer based on the Pizza Port beer

Acid Malt Saison - Loosely inspired by Ithaca Brute, it was soured with 20% acid malt
Apple Brandy Golden Solera - Strong golden ale soured in a used apple brandy barrel
Backyard Gruit - Gose-ish base flavored with alehoof and yarrow
Blackberry Beach Plum Sour Stout - My first sour based on malt extract, light roast, lots of fruit
Buckwheat Sour Amber - A batch to see what character buckwheat adds to a sour beer
Creamsicle Weisse: Stonefruit - Quick sour flavored with peaches, nectarines, and vanilla (on nitro)
Deviant Cable Car - 10 gallons of pale oaty sour beer with Al B's Bugfarm
Cable Car Clone - Soured blend of Saison, Bier de Garde, and Lager based on the Lost Abbey beer
Funky Flower - Honey, chamomile, wheat based sour beer (half with white peaches)
Heather Gruit - A quick sour with flowers (heather/lavender and jasmine/hibiscus) added instead of hops
Honey Varietal Experiment - Pale sour beer split onto five different types of honey
Hopade - Tartness provided by lactic-acid-producing yeast: Hanseniaspora and Wickerhamomyces
Perpetuum Sour - A pale sour, solera aged in a red wine barrel
Sour Squash - Lightly spiced, sour, butternut squash, brown ale
Sour Worted Old Ale - A mildly tart brown ale, half soured before the start of primary fermentation 
Temptation Clone - Chardonnay spiked pale sour based on the beer from Russian River
With Pulp - Soured with the Right Proper Lacto culture, flavored with grapefruit and 007 dry hopping

Alsatian Saison - Mixed-fermentation with fruity German hops and Trimbach Gewurztraminer
Big Funky - High gravity sour with loads dark complexities
Bourbon Cherry Brett Dark Belgian - Inspired by Pizza Port's Cuvee de Tomme
De Dom Quick Sour - Not so quick, not so sour, with Wyeast De Bom Sour Blend
Funky Rye Mild - English mild with rye that took an unexpected turn
It's Nelson Thyme - Saison fermented with New Zealand thyme honey and Nelson Sauvin hops
Loral Funky Saison - Trying out a new spicy-herbal-citrusy hop variety in a malty base
'Merican Saison - Rye saison with loads of hops, tour de force of funk and citrus
New Zealan' Saison - Tart, funky, citrusy saison flavored with wine and hops from New Zealand
Phenol Experiment - Two batches, one with loads of phenols and one without. Finished with Brett B

Other Clean Beers

90 Shilling Stout - A Scottish ale caramelized first runnings for character and extra roasted barley
90 Shilling Stout #2 - Addition of caramel malt brought it closer, adding support to the roast
Czech-tic Porter - An imaging of a Baltic porter brewed by a Czech brewery
Muscovado Tropical Stout - A sweet stout with unrefined sugar, for summertime sipping
Munich (Malt) Porter - A Porter brewed with Munich malt and fermented with London ESB
'Round About Midnight - Dark rye ale hopped up with Hallertau Select and Saaz
Scandinavian Imperial Porter - Big, cardamom/licorice, heather honey, bourbon oak aged Baltic Porter 
Smoked Rye Baltic Porter - A smooth porter with a big bacony-smoke character
Tmavé Pivo (Czech Dark Lager) - A richer/roastier version of this Bohemian cousin to dunkel and schwarzbier

Aromatic Cream Ale - A quick turn-around crisp/hoppy session ale
Banana Islands - A riff on Fortunate Islands fermented with hefeweizen yeast
Hopped Up Hefe - A traditional hefeweizen blasted with Amarillo and Cascade
Hoppy (Riwaka) Hefeweizen - Combining fruity German hefeweizen yeast with citrusy NZ Riwaka hops
Indië Wit - Tart, hoppy wit with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe (as close as I get to Belgian IPA)
Juicematic 4.6 - Sacch Trois NEAPA hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic
Neverwhere - Combination of fruity Sacch Trois and fruity American hops

Biere de Garde - On the strong side with home toasted malt, based on reading Farmhouse Ales
Bohemian Ale - Double decoted, 100% Saaz, but the lager yeast never started fermenting
Bohemian Lager - Righting the wrongs of the Bohemian Ale, triple decoction, strong fermentation
Blonde Coffee Blonde - A hoppy American blonde ale aged a citrusy coffee
Faux-IPA - Gruit with spruce tips and grapefruit zest to recall the flavors of an IPA without hops
French Blonde - Four ingredients, simple, clean, malty; a beer for barbecues and family reunions
International Session Ale - Dark, low-gravity ale with Nelson Sauvin hops
Palisade Oat Pale Ale - Pale ale with oats and Palisade hops
Second Runnings Lager - Malty second runnings from a barleywine hopped with Hallertau Tradition
Summer Kveik - Flavored with juniper branches, fermented with Norweigen farmhouse yeast

Neo-Kvass - Kvass based on the version brewed by East End
Neo-Kvass Imperial Sourdough - Bigger badder kvass fermented with a SF sourdough starter
Pumpernickel Porter Kvass - A brown porter with some rye malt and a loaf of pumpernickel bread
Scandinavian Gruit Kvass - A smoked winter kvass with spruce, elderberries, and pumpernickel
 Sour Kvass - A light ale with rye bread based on a recipe from East End Brewing

Cider 2006 - With some dry malt extract
Cider 2007 - With muscovado and apple butter
Cider 2008 - With lactose and pectic enzyme, really tasty
Cider 2009 - Fermented with a multitude of souring microbes
Collaborative Strong Cider - Blend of ice cider and Steve Gale's caramel cider
Ice Cider - Ice-concentrated, high-gravity cider 
Galaxy Cider - Cider fermented with Champagne yeast and wild yeast, dry hopped with Galaxy

Cran-Orange Mead - Mead buried underground for aging

Koji - Inoculating a portion of the rice with mold
Moto - A yeast starter
Moromi - Building up the volume of the batch, followed by the main fermentation
Straining and Racking - Separating the fermented sake from the remaining grains of rice
Bottling and Pasteurization - Putting the sake into bottles and making sure all the microbes are dead