Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ever Brewed Sake?

Mixing the sake by hand after each addition of rice is one of the oddest steps in sake production.Never, but I like to drink it - 49%
Never, I'll stick to beer - 41%
Yeah, once or twice - 7%
Yeah, three or more times - 1%
156 Votes

Seems like there is some solid interest in sake drinking (and I was impressed that three people had brewed sake three or more times), so hopefully most of you have been enjoying the play-by-play on my first batch.  The process has been pretty interesting for me so far, and it has really made me appreciate how relatively simple making other alcoholic beverages (beer/mead/cider) is in comparison. 

To the people who have brewed sake, how did it turn out?  Any tips or pitfalls?

I'm planning on splitting my batch to get some different styles (clear/cloudy/carbonated etc...).  Since I have extra koji spores I may even brew a second batch in the fall/winter, depending on how well this batch turns out.  At this point though I doubt it will become a yearly thing like my annual batch of cider.


Taylor-MadeAK said...

I wonder who the other two were who voted "three or more times?" Sound like my kinda guys! =)

How does my sake turn out? Great!

Tips and pitfalls: you've read all of them already in my guides, dude.

abraxas said...

My temp's crept up towards the end and due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to leave it in the primary for a couple of extra weeks (I know, I know) so I am left with something that is overly sour. I am going to try and find something that I can cut it with to balance the sourness, but the juices I have on hand haven't shown a lot of promise.