Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Beer Nerd (Nerdy Beer) Friends

It is nice to have friends that make you feel like your level of beer nerdery is just average.

Dan, one of my beer buddies, has just started up a homebrew blog called City Brewer that is worth checking out. He is another aspiring funk-head brewer with some interesting ideas (for example he is brewing an Oat wine with Brett, and a 100% Brett L wheat with vanilla and wine).

Nathan (who you may remember from various sausage, bacon, and barrel posts) has also recently started a beer blog named DesJardin Brewing. Right now he only has a couple posts up with pictures and notes from a few beer-centric trips he has taken. He has some very cool content in the pipeline (like a video he took while Cantillon was running their ancient brew system) so make sure to check back there in a couple days.

I think the prize for most nerdy beer friend goes to Noah (who you may remember from the Orange Rosemary Dark Saison brew day). He has a youtube video of him controlling his pimped out brewery with an iPhone application (an application he designed). His system is the opposite end of the spectrum from my cooler/stove-top operation. That is one of my favorite things about homebrewing, almost no matter what you are interested in you can apply it.

All three are contributing to the two barrel aged beers we have aging now. I have plenty of other beer nerd friends, they just don't have anything online that I can point you towards (that I'm aware of anyway).


Unknown said...

do you have a link to noah's setup? I'd like to see how he integrated everything with an ipone in more detail

Unknown said...

aaaaaannnnd I see all the links at youtube now. nevermind