Sunday, December 28, 2008

Off to India - No Updates for Awhile

After spending a few days visiting my parents (where I got to bottle my Cable Car Clone and Blueberry Lambic) I'm off to India for the next couple weeks to attend a friend's wedding and eat a lot of Indian food (which will make up for the lack of good beer). So don't expect any new posts or any answers to emails for the next two weeks.

I'm sure I'll come back with some good stories and some interesting insights on Indian cooking.

Hope everyone has a happy New Year.


Josh said...

Post how Kingfisher is.

I'm told it's terrible.

The Mad Fermentationist (Mike) said...

My lone beer during the two weeks was half a bottle of Kingfisher with dinner one night. It was fine, but not substantially different than my memory of any other reasonably fresh macro lager. I also got a taste of a local rum that was pretty good (lots of caramel overtones), but I’m not much of a rum drinker so I don’t have much to compare it to.

Anonymous said...

did you see any kanji (wild fermented carrot/beet juice with mustard seeds?). i once made some from a recipe in an indian cookbook, it tasted like garbage juice. but had potential...

The Mad Fermentationist (Mike) said...

I did not see any kanji, but it certainly sounds interesting.

Here is the first recipe google gave me:

I don't think I have heard of a fermented vegetable juice before, but carrots and beets make sense because they are the two sweetest vegetables.