Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How much of an average batch do you personally consume?

A bunch of people drinking homebrew.100% - 2%
90% - 13%
80% - 18%
70% - 23%
60% - 12%
50% - 12%
40% - 5%
30% - 6%
20% - 3%
10% - 1%
0% - 0% (2 votes)

Looks like most people fall north of 50%, at an average of 61.9% consumed (about where I'd put myself). I'm not surprised to see so few people saying they drink all of the beer they brew, since it seems like most homebrewers are excited to share their result with others (although depending on where you live that might not be such a regular event). I know I always enjoy sharing my beers with another homebrewer, or pretty much anyone who shows the slightest interest in beer/brewing.

Does anyone else tend to drink more of the batches they are less pleased with (sharing the better batches with other people)?  My real issue is that too many of my friends know good beer, and have no problem telling me when I serve them one of my less successful batches.

There are quite a few really popular people down there below 50% (not shocking), but I was surprised to see two people vote 0%.  Were those votes from brewers with celiacs or pro-brewers rounding down?


Unknown said...

I am one of those 0%'s. I brew a few times a year mostly for parties and events with my friends with the intention that the batches be drank completely. I usually have a glass, but generally not much more. Just not as much into drinking side of my own beers.

Anonymous said...

I've been brewing for about 3 years and originally I gave out everything.. until, having learned more about the craft, I became embarassed by those earliest attempts and handed out beer no more.. I knew that I could do both better and worse.. mostly better.. Nowadays I tend to hand out more beer than I drink. Brewing more often accelerates the pace of learning and encourages the sharing of beer. Please drink responsibly.. and share. Love

Unknown said...

If it's a good brew, then I will share it with others. If it turns out not up to my high standards then I don't want to subject my friends to sub-par brews.

Anonymous said...

My 5 is low as I have recently gotten into collaborative brewing. Sort of. It’s mostly friends picking the next style, I make a recipe based on beers suggested from within the style with their notes, and we split the cost and results. It has been a great way to expand my brewing repertoire and brewing regularity.

Home Brewing Neil said...

I would say I usually brew a couple of batches a year with the intent on giving them away as birthday/christmas gifts. All the rest of my brewing is very selfish and I brew what I want