Monday, August 2, 2010

Have you ever brewed a recipe from this blog?

The Mad Fermentationist at work on a Smoked Baltic Porter RecipeSomething inspired by one - 48%
No - 41%
Yes (liked it) - 17%
Yes (not that good) - 0%

I'm glad to see that so many people have brewed a recipe from this blog (especially since everyone who responded Yes reported good results).  If you get a chance, please leave a comment on the recipe post to let me (and other people) know that you enjoyed the results.

I'm just as happy about the large number of people who were inspired by a recipe I posted to brew something of their own.  I know most of my recipes have been influenced by other brewers (both home and craft).  Post a comment and let people know what sparked your recipe, what you brewed, and how it turned out.

Speaking of recipe collaboration, seven other homebrewers and I are working on a project based on Collaborative Evil.  Collaborative Evil was started by Todd Ashman of FiftyFifty, Zac Triemert of Lucky Bucket, and Matt Van Wyk of Flossmoor Station in 2008 with the idea that they each brew a version of the same recipe with their own embellishments.  The eight of us are each brewing strong porters with our own twists, then swapping bottles to taste the results.  I'm thinking of doing a smoked Baltic porter with some flaked rye.  More on the project to come this fall.


Sam said...

I plan to brew something similar to the Sour Old Ale (Quick Oud Bruin?) post within the next month or so. So, hopefully you'll have another vote under the brewed and enjoyed column before too long.

Alex T said...

I brewed something based off of your Beatification clone, aptly titled; Simulation. It's been going for 6 months and is doing great.

Looking forward to doing the Cooperative Sin project with you guys.

Aaron said...

I brewed a beer with flaked rye once, it made me cry for the slowness of the sparge, despite also using rice hulls. Just brewed the same beer using rye malt instead and it was no problem, even though I forgot to buy rice hulls.

I've yet to get a clear answer on the flavor impact of using flaked instead of malted, but I guess I'll find out once this beer finishes, since that's the only variation to the recipe.

The Mad Fermentationist (Mike) said...

Rye malt has more "rye" flavor, but not as much of the body thickening (and mash stickening) beta glucans. I've only used flaked a couple times, but I didn't notice the sparge was any worse than with flaked oats.

Hope the Simulation turns out well Alex, looking forward to tasting your version of a strong porter.

Good luck on the quick sour Sam, mine is doing well, but the sourness is pretty faint. Probably worth just souring the whole thing if you really want it sour.

Unknown said...

I've never directly brewed a recipe from the blog, but I've definitely used some of your insight and tips as inspiration.