Friday, May 28, 2010

Final Gravity Podcast Interview with Me

A couple weeks back I did an interview with Jay for the Final Gravity Podcast.  There wasn't a particular focus, with the conversion wandering through sake, the DC beer scene, my NHC entries, and brewing in general.  Episode #6 if you're interested in listening.

I'm back from a week down in Florida for work.  I got to see my friend Seth (I brewed a Temptation clone with him 32 months ago) who I hadn't seen since he moved down there two years ago.  He's been doing some pretty serious brewing, especially a saison soured with Fantome dregs and a blended Lambic.  I was also floored to snag a bottle of Cigar City Hunahpu's (a Chile/Chocolate/Cinnamon/Vanilla Imperial Stout) at a great little bar in Delray Beach called Tryst (a great find considering someone at the local liquor store told me that Carib was the best "local" beer around.)

I'm thinking of brewing a Smoked Dunkel sometime over the holiday weekend, anybody else brewing?


jaymo said...

Have you tried the Breiss cherrywood smoked malt? It's delicious. I just brewed a Cherrywood Smoked Porter earlier this week. Brewing again tomorrow at a friend's house. I'm going to try a split batch using BM-44 wine yeast (as I discussed on the Babblebelt site the other day) for a portion of it, followed by Brett in the secondary.

The Mad Fermentationist (Mike) said...

I've heard mixed things about the Briess Smoked malts. Some people say they are great, and others say they are harsh/ashy/phenolic. How much did you use? I'm just using 3 lbs of Weyermann for the dunkel.

Good luck on the wine yeast, looking forward to hearing how that turns out.

jaymo said...

I went with 2 lbs of the cherrywood smoked malt. I've heard mixed things about the normal Briess smoked malt, but most friends I know who've tried the cherrywood stuff liked it so far.

Anonymous said...

Brewed your Adambier recipe today....minus the smoked malt as the homebrew shop was out of it (may try to steep some and add it later). Also, speared on by your praise for my Gueze and pLambic I brewed some more, as I realized I have none fermenting. Used the Witbier yeast and dreggs from my pLambic and Gueze.

Tim said...

I "helped" some friends brew their first all-grain batch. All I actually did was sit, drink coffee and answer their questions. Best brew day ever.

I used the Briess cherrywood smoked malt in a stout last fall. Though I can't really give an opinion since it was only 2% of the grain in a beer that had 30% amber/brown/black malt.