Saturday, October 3, 2009

Digging the farmers market lunch posts?

Yes 67%
No 8%
Don't Care 24%

Glad to see that most people are enjoying the food posts (and more importantly that very few people dislike them). Audrey and I have a couple more posts in the works at the moment (Veggie Soup and Mushroom Crepes), but Audrey is hard at work studying for the GRE and applying to Grad schools, so postings will be pretty erratic.

If you have tried any of the recipes (or if they have inspired you to get creative, which is the real goal) let us know.

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Tim Prendergast said...

Totally dug the Brick Chicken post. Inspired me to break out the Cast Iron and dust off the cobwebs. Man, cast iron is sweet. Thanks for the inspiration, went very nicely with a DFH Indian Brown.
totally loving the lunch posts...keep em coming.