Saturday, August 8, 2009

How often do you cook with beer?

1% Daily

14% Weekly

51% Monthly

32% Never

Glad to see most people cook with beer occasionally. There are plenty of (relatively) standard dishes that call for beer out there, beer breads, beer batters, beer stews etc… That said I often use beer in small quantities where many other people would use wine. For example a Flanders Red does a fantastic job deglazing sautéed onions while adding a bit of acidity, a sweet beer (like a vanilla porter) makes an interesting addition to a zabaglione (thanks Nathan), and a small addition of malty brown ale to a braising liquid adds some sweetness while helping to carry alcohol soluble flavors.

Audrey and I sometimes incorporate beer cooking into our Sunday lunches (in addition to the beer pairings), but it won’t necessarily be a weekly fixture.

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