Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging Around

My first attempt at guest blogging has been posted over at My Year Without Sugar. The blog is dedicated to having a diet free of refined sugars. Something I don't consciously try to do, but my taste in food and drink tends to lead me in that direction. Nicole (the blogger) asked me to put something together to clarify if/when/how sugars are used in commercial brewing. Most of the article will be pretty basic if you are an experienced homebrewer, but the rest of the blog is certainly worth checking out if you are considering cutting down on your refined sugar consumption.

In addition to that some of you may have noticed a new blog (BrewLocal) has appeared on my profile. I can't go into the full details about it at this point, mostly because I'm not sure exactly what (if anything) it will end up being. What I can say is that it will be a joint project with my friend Nathan (who you might remember from posts about sausages, bacon and barrels). The blog isn't even available to view yet, but once things get rolling over there you'll hear about it here.

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