Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where are you from?

Here are the results of where visitors to this site are from, always happy to see people from all over the world chiming in.

Northeast 16 (11%)
Mid-Atlantic 15 (10%)
Mid-West 30 (21%)
South 18 (12%)
Mountains 4 (2%)
West Coast 25 (17%)
Canada 7 (4%)
Other No. America 2 (1%)
South America 2 (1%)
Oceania (Is it still called that?) 3 (2%)
Asia 0 (0%)
Europe 16 (11%)
Other 4 (2%) (Feel free to chime in where you are from)

I use Google Analytics as well, and so I thought it would be interesting to compare where computers are connecting from against what people responded.

84% North America
10% Europe
4% Australia/New Zealand
1% South America
1% Asia

Seems pretty similar to me, although I wonder if those hits from Asia are people or bots.


Homebrewer Brian said...

Looks like there are a lot of us from the midwest. Go Midwest!

Anonymous said...

I went with "Other" because I didn't see a "southwest" option.

Tempe, AZ

Anonymous said...

Reaaaallly old post, but here goes:

Chiming in from Eritrea..