Friday, September 5, 2008

What season do you do you start the most fermentations?

Summer 3 (5%)
Fall 17 (28%)
Winter 10 (16%)
Spring 8 (13%)
About even 21 (35%)

Like a plurality of you, for me it is about even, but I definitely ferment different things based on the season. This year I've been taking the summer off from brewing beer (for the most part... Lambic post coming soon), but I've been playing with ginger beer plant, sourdough bread, and cheese.

Fall seems like the most popular single season, probably because it is harvest season so most of the wine, cider, and pickles for the year are being made. I'd also guess that many brewers out there curb their brewing in the summer like me, and by the time the cool weather rolls around they have the itch again and a dwindling supply of homebrew.

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