Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alternate Hopping Strategies with Basic Brewing Radio

James at Basic Brewing Radio was kind enough to invite me on his podcast once again. This time to discuss interesting ways and places to add hops to a beer other than the standard “hops at the start of the boil for bitterness, hops in the middle for flavor, and hops at the end for aroma”

Click here to hear the interview.

The discussion focused on three of my batches:

“No hops in the boil” IPA, which had hops in just about every conceivable spot except the boil, including the mash, sparge, wort heating, flameout, and secondary.

Hop-Bursted Barleywine, which had a healthy dose of a hop blend added every 5 minutes for the last 35 minutes of the boil.

Decoction Hopped Berliner Weisse, which had hops in the mash during the decoction, but was not boiled. This beer recently earned me my first ribbon with a category win at the 2008 Spirit of Free Beer last Saturday (It was the first time I had entered a big competition since September 2005).

We also briefly touched on hop teas, and bottle hopping.

The episode has a different feel from the ones I have done in the past because it was just James and I, not the whole gang. I probably won't be on again until this fall when we are planning a big episode on blending beers.

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Brad said...

Very interesting indeed. Can't wait to check out the podcast.