Saturday, February 17, 2007

Expedition Stout: as a Mixer

In preparation for an eventual project, adding a variety of liquors to a homebrew in secondary, I decided to try out mixing selected liquors into an Expedition Stout (thank goodness Bell's now distributes in Virginia!).

I did this off 1 bottle so the samples were pretty small and I just added a few drops of each liquor. I was surprised by how much that small amount of a liquor can completely change the character of the beer.

Here are the results in order of tasting:

Plain: chocolate, soy, a hint of alcohol, moderate bitterness

Makers Mark: Alcohol, wood, marshmallow

Godiva: chocolate, smooth, coffee

Frangelico: Nutty, wood, chocolate

B & B: Herbal/mint, fruity, bitterer

Kahlua: Coffee, roast, bitterer

Jagermiester: Licorice, muddy, herbal

Chamboard: Raspberry, chocolate, non-complex (dull)

Remy Martin Grand Cru: Booze, concord grapes, coffee

Malibu: Tropical/coconut, lacking, chocolate

Clearly I'll have to make a Nutella (Frangelico/Godiva) sweet stout at some point. I may also take to making my own "bourbon barrel aged" beers from time to time.

More Liquors will be added as I try them out.

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