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With nearly 500 posts on this site it can be a bit overwhelming, here are a list of some of the more in depth, interesting, and well done posts I have made since starting this blog.  If I'm missing some that you think would be worth adding, let me know.

10 Homebrewing Myths Debunked - There is a lot of misinformation about homebrewing ingredients and processes.

11 Tips for Better Hoppy Beer - Includes general process tips that will make your hoppy beers taste fresher and hoppier.

All About Brettanomyces - A survey I completed for Greg Doss for an NHC presentation he was working on.  It gives my general thoughts on brewing with Brett.

Anatomy of a Clone - The Lost Abbey's Cable Car - My most ambitious clone and the thought process that went into creating the recipe.

Book Reviews - Links to all the brewing book reviews I've written.

Brewing Lambic: Mythbusters Style - Lambic brewers follow a complex process, but do they have to?

Brewing Sour Beer at Home - My thoughts on brewing, fermenting, aging, and bottling sour beers.

Capture Your Own Microflora - Make a starter from the wild yeast and bacteria in your local air.

Fire-Pit Gruit - A day spent brewing a  beer without hops over an open fire.

Harvesting Sour Beer Bottle Dregs - A list of commercial beers that have harvestable wild yeast and/or bacteria.

Homebrew Water Treatment – A Practical Guide - When I want to adjust my water for brewing, this is how I do it.

How To Homebrew : All-Grain Beer - A guide to the basic methods and equipment I use to brew beer.

Maintaining Microbe Cultures - How to keep cultures of Brett and lactic acid bacteria on hand and ready to pitch.

Mistakes Every New Homebrewer Makes - A list of suggestions on how to avoid common pitfalls for the first time brewer.

Treatise on Oaking Homebrew - The general theory and practice behind my use of oak in homebrew.

Testing the Alcohol Content of Ice Concentrated Beer - A day in AJ's lab running the test to figure out just how much alcohol EisAdam contained.

Session Ale Brewing Tips - A series of suggestions for brewing better low alcohol beers that maintain the flavor and body of the strong beers everyone loves.

BYO Articles
Adding Fruit to Sour Beer - September 2010
Kvass Revival - December 2010 (with Nathan Zeender)
The Cult of American Saison - July/August 2011 (with Nathan Zeender)
Sour Beer Orientation - November 2011
American Wild Ales - Running Feral Fermentations at Home - September 2012
Fermented Foods - October 2012
Dark Lagers: The New Possibility - January/February 2013 (with Nathan Zeender)
Blending Sour Beers with the Solera Method - May/June 2014 
Experiment with Confidence

Zymurgy Articles
The Influence of Mash Parameters on Mixed-Fermentations

Podcast Interviews
Basic Brewing Radio - September 7, 2006 - Single-Hop Small Batch Experiment
Basic Brewing Radio - December 28, 2006 - Belgian Sugar Experiment
Basic Brewing Radio - September 20, 2007 - Offbeat Yeast Part One
Basic Brewing Radio - September 27, 2007 - Offbeat Yeast Part Two
Basic Brewing Radio - May 15, 2008 - Alternate Hopping Strategies
Basic Brewing Radio - March 13, 2008 - Belgian Sugar Experiment II
Basic Brewing Radio - December 4, 2008 - Beer Blending Experiment
Basic Brewing Radio - October 8, 2009 - Solera Brewing and Barrel Aging
Final Gravity - May 27, 2010 - Mike the Mad Fermentationist..sake and beer in DC
Basic Brewing Radio - December 9, 2010 - Kvass: Beer with Bread
Basic Brewing Radio - December 16, 2010 - Barrel Aging Update
BeerSmith - January 27, 2011 - Historic Beer Brewing
Basic Brewing Radio - March 10, 2011 - Berliner Weisse
Basic Brewing Radio - September 1, 2011 - Brewing Saison
BeerSmith - September 15, 2011 - Session Beer with The Mad Fermentationist
Final Gravity - September 16, 2012 - Harvest Fest special part 1
Basic Brewing Radio - March 8, 2012 - Solera Tasting Pt. 1
Basic Brewing Radio - April 5, 2012 - Solera Tasting Pt. 2
Basic Brewing Radio - October 18, 2012 - Sour GABF
BeerSmith - January 28, 2013 - Pro Beer Brewing Startup with Modern Times
Basic Brewing Radio - January 31, 2013 - Dark Lagers

American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations - Brewers Publication's Mid-June 2014

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