Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book Review Schedule Set

Here is the schedule based on the results of the poll:

1/22/09 The Complete Joy of Homebrewing
1/29/09 How to Brew
2/05/09 Designing Great Beers
2/12/09 Wild Brews
2/19/09 Brew Like a Monk
2/26/09 Radical Brewing
3/06/09 Farmhouse Ales
3/13/09 Principles of Brewing Science
3/20/09 Brewing Classic Styles
3/27/09 Extreme Brewing
4/10/09 Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers
4/17/09 Homebrewer’s Garden
4/24/09 Barley Wine
5/01/09 Brewing up a Business
5/08/09 The Brewmaster’s Table
5/15/09 New Brewing Lager Beers
5/22/09 Smoked Beers
5/29/09 Brewing Wheat Beers
6/05/09 Microbrewed Adventures
9/25/09 The Everything Homebrewing Book
11/28/11 Brewing Better Beer

I've moved the reviews to Fridays for the time being because my beekeeping class starts this week on Thursday nights.

After that I have some random other books on beer, mead, cooking, and baking that I'll take a look at.

The new poll was submitted by a reader named Ryan who is interested in what homebrew software people use.


D. Beaglethorpe said...

Excellent book reviews. I totally agree with your assessment of Wild Fermentation and Radical Brewing. I especially like your funk posts. You've inspired me to stick a oak chair leg in my fermenter for chrissakes.

The Mad Fermentationist (Mike) said...

Glad to hear the site has pushed you to have some fun with your beers.

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