Thursday, May 21, 2009

How many batches of beer have you brewed in the last year?

None 14 (4%)
1-6 86 (30%)
7-12 72 (25%)
13-18 42 (14%)
19-24 24 (8%)
25-36 28 (9%)
37+ 16 (5%)

Looks like the majority of respondents brew less than once a month, but there are quite a few homebrewers out there who brew much more frequently. I am at close to 20 batches over the last year, which is about average for me. I have a hard time imaging brewing as much as some of you guys (I’m really impressed that 16 people brewed 37 or more batches).

I feel the more often I brew the better my beers come out. When I brew infrequently I tend to have more brew day issues, I guess I get out of my groove.

It is coming up to the hot DC summer so I am frantically brewing batches so I can take July/August off. Don’t worry though there will still be plenty of updates on the various batches I have going as well as some other fermentables (which I have been lax on recently).


  1. I saw an upcoming Oat Pale...what's your idea behind that? Using malted oats or just flaked?

  2. Here is the recipe (subject to change) for the oat pale ale I have in my queue.

    3.5 gallons
    6 lbs MO
    .75 Rolled Oats
    5 oz Special Roast
    Single Infusion @ 153

    35 IBUs of Simcoe @ 60
    .5 oz Palisade @ 0
    .5 oz Palisade Dry Hop


    Never used Special Roast, Palisades, or 011, so this batch will be a learning experience.

  3. Summer is a great time for brewing your fall and winter saisons...

  4. Absolutely agree. I find that I really started to enjoy brewing (before, I enjoyed the drinking part of the hobb much better)when I alreay had a decent amount of batches under my belt. I think it really becomes more interesting when you start to achieve the beer that you previosuly "conceived" on the drawing board (i.e. routenily being spot-on on OG, volumes, color, etc...), and that comes ,obviously almost only, with practice.