Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beer Brewers for Obama

Speaking of obscure political buttons, my friend Noah gave this one to me the other day.

Who wants an Anheuser Busch distributor heiress as first lady anyway?


  1. I think I've got aged commercial beers in my basement longer than Obama's been in politics.

    I like my beer better.

  2. How did I miss these buttons when I met Noah? I'm not big into propaganda, but I would totally rock that button.

  3. I will be filing for my Obama-nation redistributive justice beer ration on Nov. 5th. Who needs to brew your own beer anyway? I'll just take yours...

  4. I’m not a particularly political guy, but two quick points:

    1. Doing something for a longer time doesn’t necessarily mean that you are better at it. For example, just because Anheuser Busch has been brewing for 100+ years longer than (pick you favorite microbrewery) doesn’t mean they make better beer.

    2. All taxes, even a flat rate tax, are a form of wealth redistribution. Unless every man, woman, and child paid the exact same amount regardless of income AND received the exact same benefits regardless of need you are redistributing wealth.

  5. We agree Mr. Mike (love your beer/food blog by the way)progressive taxation is redistribution. Two more quick pints...ahem...points!

    1) . If you listen carefully, and consider Pelosi, Reed with a 60 supermajority. Nationalization/Socialization is not good for America (btw I am consumption tax guy)

    2) I ask for your imagination. Assuming your a left-leaning guy, imagine every media source presenting Michael Savage at all times. That's what it feels like to not be an Obama supporter. Virtually all in the media worship this man.

    Homebrew can be an Obama-free zone...just imagine!!!!

  6. Mr. Mike,

    Thanks so much for the orange zest / rosemary posting...we used a dark karo syrup instead of the raisins. Any thoughts on using lite corn syrup for bottling?
    PS- We are building our kegging system as part of our new Obama Administration Mandatory Universal Civil Defense requirement. Can't wait!

  7. It turns out that karo (even the light stuff) isn’t very fermentable. Never dealt with the dark stuff in a beer, the flavor would be fine, but I would be concerned that it would leave a lot of residual unfermentables. For priming I’d just suggest using plain old table sugar, its fully fermentable and pretty easy to deal with. Honestly I couldn’t taste the raisins in the first bottle I tried, I’m sure you could just leave them out and be fine.

    Good luck brewing!

  8. Really? I have learned something new every time I come here...I purchased a book this week that mentions fermentable / unfermentable sugars (just skimmed so far) My mad fermentationist-inspired holiday brew will be ready by Dec. 1... I will report back with an unbiased review...

  9. I looked into it after trying a candi syrup recipe from Randy Mosher which used corn syrup after it caused a my beer to finish sweeter than I expected. It turns out that the reason why Karo is so thick is that they add unfermentable dextrins to the fermentable sugars. The beer will still taste fine, it will just be a bit fuller/sweeter than my version is (not necessarily a bad thing as ours ended up around 1.006).

    Hope the brew turns out well, should be perfect for the holiday season.

  10. So, you guys are saying that a flat tax is the way to go? A 10% tax on a person making $40 000 is going to be harder on him than a 10% tax on someone making $400 000. A flat tax is an oversimplification of the taxation system; it is not fair or financially sustainable.